Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So where was I?

Yeah, I've been out of the loop for a while.
V is almost 9 months, standing, walking along the couch or if you hold her hands - not walking by herself yet.
But, anyway, that's not why we're here.

So, last week I realized just how out of the loop I am when I saw a twitter post about Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.
I thought he was dead set against doing a sequel?
It was announced in December.
Boy am I out of it.

I haven't been completely gone, keeping up to date on the Google Reader. I enjoyed Season of Shadows' Jack-o-lantern project and the recent EVP work.

Pumpkinrot has been posting some great stuff. Recently (Actually it may have been a month ago) he wondered about doing a display with no display. Using atmosphere only to create a creepy display. I love that idea and wonder if anyone could pull it off.
Also, Rot and Bean did some new shoots with Johnny Appleseed that, I think, is some of the best artwork I've ever seen done with a prop. This one in particular is my favorite picture in the world right now. I would see this movie!
Also, the shoppe work has been amazing, look at these. Definitely planning on picking up one of these for the home office. Amazing stuff.
Spookyblue had a very interesting post recently, I think it may be a launch of a new bit, "Grumble Says" where his awesome Grumble makes his own blog entry. I hope there are more of these.

As for me, stuff is in my head and I hope to get some time to do some prop work soon.
But I did want to leave something for you on my return and I stumbled upon this on
It is Halloween night from WKBW in New York in 1973. They did their own interpretation of War of The Worlds...from the description:
An aircheck from Halloween night 1973. A night of radio drama starting with a local version of War of the Worlds, Arch Obler's "The Darkness", a show on Vampires, A ghost story called "The Bed", "People Places and Things - a 30" piece on UFO's. Including actual commercials from the time period in Buffalo, NY. All pieces were performed by DJ's at the station at the time.

The DJ for the War of the Worlds was known as Shane, who seemed to be the archetype for the hip DJ of the time.

The first time the station aired their version of WotW several years previously, even though it was promoted heavily, police departments were called and even the National Guard was called to the Grand Island bridges! For several years afterwards it was aired with a new beginning for newer songs and dj's but the final cutaway to the newsroom on track 10 is original.
So here it is, enjoy!
See you soon.