Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every Other Day is Halloween Arrived!

Yes! My copy of the Count Gore De Vol/Captain 20/Bozo/Dick Dyszel Biography "Every Other Day is Halloween" arrived today! The timing is perfect!
If you grew up in the Washington DC area in the 70's or 80's you should know what I'm talking about. Dick Dyszel was a Washington local TV celebrity host for WDCA Channel 20.
I first encountered him in the early 80's on the children shows as Captain 20 on shows like Kids Break.
But he became my hero in the mid-80's when he returned to late night horror hosting as Count Gore De Vol the host of Creature Feature. It was a weekend tradition for me and my Dad. Every Saturday night we would stay up all night and watch the WORST movies hosted by the BEST host since Zacherley! It was such an important bonding experience for us that it was the central memory I talked about at my Dad's funeral.
I can't wait to watch it!