Friday, November 28, 2008

Full Moon Industries

I'm late on this, but things have been nuts lately. Go check out Full Moon Industries for some sweet Halloween pics and general creepiness.
I particularly like the Psycrow, but what you should pay attention to is the lighting and the photography. Lighting is so important and so difficult to nail. I love good creeepy atmospheric lighting. I would like to see someone do an entire haunt with no props at all. just lighting and shadow.
Also, the pics, and there are far too few at the moment, are very grainy and slightly washed out. I really hope it was by design because it's brilliant. At a time when everything visual reaches for the hyper-detailed and overly saturated (still trying to figure why I "need" HD), a grainy, slightly out of focus image can be deliciously unnerving. Much like Bean's polaroids.
Some very cool oddities there as well. Check them out.


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