Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Three of my favorite haunters are working on showcase pages for their haunts this year.
The anticipation is making me fidgety.
Fortunately they have posted a few shots to tide us over until the full glory of their work is revealed to us.


Spooky's tutorials helped me get started in the haunting life. The Grumble and son were big influences I have yet to rip-off...I mean emulate. His blog is also so well written with hysterical and often poignant stories that it is required reading for me.

Season of Shadows

Another beautiful and inspirational site that also dives into the paranormal. This year, he launched a video series - Halloween Haunter's Reality. It's fantastic. Gives you a first person look at creating props. The prop he created this year is one of the best groundbreakers I've ever seen. I love these videos. Hope they keep coming.
SoS's John also has a very interesting site call 'Wind of the Soul' which explores spirituality and inner topics. He even has a podcast. Busy guy!


Well what can I say about Pumpkinrot that hasn't already been said - by me or by anyone.
He is the patron saint of Haunters, raising it to an art form . The reason I began building props in the first place was a result of stumbling across his site. Every year's haunt is a theme with backstory for the scarecrows and this year he outdid himself with the Hollowmen. He always does wonderful photos and video of each years haunts.

These are the sites I am constantly refreshing my Google Reader for. Cannot wait to see your final pages guys.

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Grim said...

I love all three of those sites, too. Pumpkinrot is probably my biggest influence, and I learned a lot from Spooky Blue as well. He has a sense of humor that can't be beat! Season of Shadows is also awesome, and I am loving his reality series.