Monday, June 22, 2009

Frankenstein Baby

No it's not a new Universal cartoon in he same vein as Muppet Babies.
It's my little one who is walking now and rapidly heading to monster phase.
Scares the dog anyway.

I know, this is probably too 'cutesie' for a Halloween blog. But it's my blog we are.

Btw, every morning in the living room she waves at the pumpkin headed scarecrow hanging above the fireplace. (Proud Daddy) and NO, I don't push her to be a "Monster kid" or anything. She seems to come by it naturally.

Frankenstein Baby! from John Mangino on Vimeo.


ShellHawk said...

I hope the cameraman got away from the monster!

Too cute!

Rot said...



Johnny said...

Think that was bad. Mommy had to work late tonight and Daddy had to try and get her to sleep solo.
Talk about monsters. yikes!

The Captain said...

That's awesome! Daddy's Lil Monster