Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mystery in the Air

I do love 'Golden Age' radio programs. Always have.
I'm also a HUGE Peter Lorre fan.
This is a show titled 'Mystery in the Air' hosted and starring the great Peter Lorre in 1947.
The announcer is Harry Morgan of all people. Weird pick, I never heard Col. Potter as the announcer type. He really sells the soap too.

Lorre is brilliant in these and particularly fun when he 'snaps' and start ranting out of control. Check out 'The Hora' for a very frantic ending.

You can also download the entire series here.


halloween spirit said...

I'm a huge fan of old time radio as well and have these as part of my collection. Peter Lorre has the perfect voice for creepy radio shows. Too bad only a few episodes exist.

The Frog Queen said...

This is a great show and anyone who loves this era should listen. I think it is better than many "movies" - I appreciate that the British still produce radio shows!!