Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Grimvisions Ghastly Halloween 2009 Giveaway

So many wonderful events and countdowns this year!
Let's start with Grimvisions Ghastly Halloween 2009 Giveaway.
There are 13 (MWUHAHAHAHAAAA) ways to enter to win one of these beautiful pieces from Grimvisions, DaveTheDead of ShadowFarm and King Unicorn of Anathema Arcana.
These people make creatures so, beautiful, creepy and inventive that, frankly, it's almost discouraging. I mean that in a good way. No matter how cool something looks in my head I know I simply do not have the talent to create anything even close to it.
Thank goodness for these people. Because they can.

I've essentially been a lurker for years with limited contact with a few haunters. But I am much more involved in the Halloween/haunter community this year and it's great. There are so many great events and wonderful people out there. More to come...

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Dave the Dead said...

Lurker for years??? was that YOU??? LOL...glad you decided to step out of the shadows!
Happy Halloween,
Dave the Dead