Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GhoulTV - Now With Rot Power! Countdown to Halloween Oct 7.

The great Pumpkinrot has graciously allowed me to run his videos on GhoulTV! I am a giddy ghoul.

I have always enjoyed his visual style. His props are magnificent but the videos he produces with them are phenomenally creepy and usually far more entertaining in 4 minutes than any movie in theaters these days.
My personal favorite has to be the collaboration between Rot and Jon Glassett on last years 'Hollowmen' display. A gorgously tense and shivering score to Rot's haunt.

So tonight I will begin running Rot's video's in between the movies and shorts.

I'm working on some other people as well but If any of you have videos you would like to see run in between 'White Zombie' and 'The Wolfman' let me know.


The Frog Queen said...

How cool! You could not have picked a better haunter. His videos have always been our favorite!!


Jon said...

Hey, Johnny. Pumpkinrot sent me a link to this post and I had to take a minute to stop by and thank you. I really appreciate the kind words about the music. That project was so fun and it's great to find out that people dig it. After Halloween I'll be starting work on a bunch more new music and I hope to have an album's worth by this time next year.

Anyway, I really appreciate the mention, man. Through The Patch and GhoulTV are awesome and I was psyched when 'Rot told me about this. Thank you!

Johnny said...

I would love a whole album from you! That score was spot on.