Friday, October 9, 2009

HELP!...uhhh nevermind.

*UPDATE* So this was answered by Grimvisions almost immediately. Revealing that my search skills are highly suspect.

Looks like it's never coming out anyway. But, for the curious, it is call 'Sin-Jim Smyth'

Ok, this is going to be the most vague and difficult to follow description of a movie ever. But it is driving me absolutely bonker, (damn OCD!) so I'm outting this out there in case it jogs someones memory. I can't find anything on the Google.

Does anyone remember a trailer making the rounds about two years ago, about a guy, nobody knows who he is, He is in jail and they are going to move him but he might be the devil. Then there's some talk about the devil can be at two places at once on one certain night. One of the places is India and one in the midwest. Kansas I think.

As far as I know the movie has not come out but I want to know what happened to it and now my brain won't do anything but think of that trailer and try to remember the title.
It had a guys name in it I think.

Ring any bells? Anyone?


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Winner winner, chicken dinner.
Thank you so much.