Friday, September 12, 2008


Pumpkinrot! This guy is the real deal.

Best Halloween site I've ever seen. It's like he can see in my head and creates everything I dream about.

While randomly searching the Google for pictures of scarecrows I stumbled on his work and it changed the way I do Halloween. It was the first time I realized you could actually build props and there was a whole world of techniques and people I didn't know existed. People just as obsessed with Halloween as I am. Now I'm not happy enough with anything I've done yet to post it, but soon that will change and I owe a huge part of that to Rot and his work.

See what's festering at Pumpkinrot.


Dave Lowe said...

I hope you do post some of your work soon. I believe there is no good or bad work when it comes to home made Halloween stuff. It's all part of the fun especially sharing ideas and visions.

Heck, my 6 year old niece made a bat with mis matched felt and googly eyes, dripping with too much glue.

I got more inspiration from that than anything out of Rick Baker or Stan Winston's shop.

Johnny said...

I do need to post something soon. I have a corpse done except the dry brushing and a pumpkinhead-celluclay thing. I'll get them up soon.